Cotton Bureau

I create so much random lettering for social media, for fun, for whatever, so I decided to join Cotton Bureau to see if I could turn some of it into cool t-shirts and, hopefully, some cash. Expect to see a lot of t-shirt ideas that I pretty much just want to own myself ha!

Lucky little me had my first design approved with no hassle which was a nice pick-me-up. I assumed as it was my first rodeo they'd have some tweaks or advice for "next time" (a nice thing about CB is that they're very hands on). I suppose I was just referencing back to my ill-fated attempts at designing for Threadless waaaaaay back in the day when I was still trying to be an illustrator. But "Gym Goth" was accepted and is now available to purchase! If 12 are bought within the next 2 weeks the shirt will go into production. Here's hoping! I really want the vest so I can proudly wear it at the gym. I'd be much obliged if you went and had a look!

Welcome and Mr President

Holy cow, I've finally decided to jump on this blog bandwagon thing! I hope you're excited. I can't promise that I'll update it often, but when I do it'll be because something interesting happened. Don't expect it to be polished either! Brain dumps will probably occur. I'll probably use it to talk about big projects or projects that aren't quite suitable for my portfolio, speaking of which....


Back in March I was approached by the agency Mr President to do a piece of calligraphy for an installation created to develop a new positioning for the area of St James's, London. I produced 3 versions of the same quote by hand, one of which would feature.


Today I actually went to go and visit the installation to see which piece was picked!


It's so bizarre to just happen across a piece of my lettering just chilling in the street in London!