Tools of the Trade Part 2

Today we’re looking at my favourite tool - the Pentel Aquash Pen.

Aquash Pens.jpg

I LOVE this pen. I cannot be without it. It’s what I use for basically all of my brush lettering (unless I need something way bigger or smaller) and my pen drawer is FULL of them, all in various sizes.

Now, this pen is supposed to be used by watercolour artists. The idea is that you store water in the barrel and just squeeze it when you dip into your paints. Perfect for on the go. However, I'm not a watercolour artist so I use it however I damn well please!

These days I just use them as a dip brush (I love a chunky handle and these are perfect for grip - I can’t stand anything too thin or dainty) but at first I would fill the barrel (intended for water) with ink. This worked nicely for a time but pretty soon the ink would dry and clog the tubes rendering them useless (unless I dipped). So nowadays I don’t put anything in the barrel.

I love them so much I even mark my current faves (sometimes I accidentally mess up the bristles or I just want to use my newest one) so I can easily reach for it in my drawer. That's what the copper tape on the broad tipped pen and the inked end on the medium tipped pen is about.

So if you're interesting in trying brush lettering, I definitely recommend giving them a try. As always, this is just *MY* experience and opinion. If you try them and don't like them, that's fine. Find what works for you! And don't blame me.