Photo by Nikki van der Molen

Photo by Nikki van der Molen

“Julia was a pleasure to work with! She was responsive, quick, and provided me just what I wanted!”

Bethie Hungerford, founder of

About julia

I love lettering. Love it. 

I started in the creative industry in 2007 with a degree in product design, but it wasn't quite the right fit. I'd spent a few years during and after uni running a market stall selling my handmade greetings cards, which I loved, so I set out to become a greetings card designer, which led me to work for Hallmark and then for many years. During my journey as a designer I discovered illustration which I really enjoyed, but again it just didn't feel quite right.

Then I discovered hand lettering. Oh my. Something in my head clicked and I was instantly the biggest nerd buying every pen possible and filling sketchbook after sketchbook. It looked terrible. But I kept going and a few years later I'm not half bad if you listen to Instagram comments. A lesson in calligraphy in 2014 further opened my eyes to the possibilities and again I was instantly obsessed, practicing whenever I had a spare moment and constantly covered in ink.

In early 2016 I became a teacher for Quill London on the side of my full time design job, teaching lovely people Modern Calligraphy along with all kinds of other lettering and composition skills for three wonderful years. This enabled me to eventually leave the nine-to-five world and start my own lettering studio in January 2017.

So here I am today - making a living from creating beautiful words! I'm available for freelance lettering projects, specialising predominantly in brush and digital lettering along with modern calligraphy and a load of chalk thrown in.

If you have a project or live event that needs a giant lettering nerd who works efficiently and with top notch communication, drop me a line here:

Selected Clients:

Hearst Magazines\ Buzzfeed UK \ Walker Books \ Little, Brown \ Penguin Random House \ Immediate Media \ Revolution Beauty \ Seven C3 \ Mr President \ Glamour Magazine \ Caffe Nero \ Pigment Productions \ Ginger Ray \ \ Photobox