julia, i have a question...

I frequently get asked questions on my social media and via email. I love that people are reaching out to me but it's becoming hard to have time to give proper responses! So here's a list of the questions I get asked the most with the answers. If you want more comprehensive advice, please contact me about a consultation session.

How long have you been lettering/doing calligraphy?

I started my lettering journey in 2013 with a Pentel brush pen whilst I was working as a full time greetings card designer. If you scroll to the very start of my instagram you can see how bad it was! But I loved it and had no frame of reference so I carried on filling page after page. In October 2014 I took my first Modern Calligraphy class with Quill London (where I subsequently taught for three years) which helped all my other lettering immensely. It also flicked the switch in my head that told me what I should be doing with my life.

How do I get better at lettering/calligraphy?

Practice. For years. I’m sorry but there’s no quick fix.

what pen/ink are you using?

If I'm using a brush pen or similar I will always note it in the description of my instagram post. Please ask if it's not clear though! If I'm doing calligraphy I'll normally be using a Nikko G nib. My black ink is almost always Higgins Eternal and my white ink is Dr Ph Martin's (which you need to dilute). If I'm using gold it's probably from a FineTec palette but I normally make a point of naming more unusual inks.

where can i get that pen you're using?

If you know the name a simple search on Google or Amazon will give you the answer for your location.

What computer programs do you use for digitising your lettering?

I currently use Photoshop and Illustrator. Hardware wise I use a PC, my IpadPro, or my Wacom Cintiq. If you are starting out you do not need something like a Cintiq or an Ipad Pro. These are just fancy trinkets at the end of the day. Your skills come from you and your practice, not the tools you're using. I actually find they make you lazier. Please, please believe me when I say that and think about it before you drop a huge wad of cash! I mostly have them to shorten my processes for commercial work. I have deadlines people!

What books did you use to learn photoshop/illustrator?

I didn't. I started working professionally as a graphic designer in 2007 and all my knowledge is from using these programs almost everyday! No one taught me, I just bodged along with guesswork and asking Google. Youtube is now full of tutorials for how to use these programs so just dive in!

Can i book a class with you?

I am currently not teaching regular lettering classes but if you are a commercial client looking to book a workshop for your team or event, please send me an email to discuss.

I want to commission you, how much will it be?

For private commissions please refer either to the Private Commissions or Events sections of my website. Once you've emailed me with all the relevant details I'll be able to give you a full quote.