julia, i have a question...

I frequently get asked questions on my social media and via email. I love that people are reaching out to me but it's becoming hard to have time to give proper responses! So here's a list of the questions I get asked the most with the answers. If you want more comprehensive advice, please contact me about a consultation session.

How long have you been lettering/doing calligraphy?

I started my lettering journey in 2013 with a Pentel brush pen whilst I was working as a full time greetings card designer. If you scroll to the very start of my instagram you can see how bad it was! But I loved it and had no frame of reference so I carried on filling page after page. In October 2014 I took my first Modern Calligraphy class with Quill London (where I now teach) which helped all my other lettering immensely. It also flicked the switch in my head that told me what I should be doing with my life.

How do I get better at lettering/calligraphy?

Practice. For years.

what pen/ink are you using?

If I'm using a brush pen or similar I will always note it in the description of my instagram post. Please ask if it's not clear though! If I'm doing calligraphy I'll normally be using a Nikko G nib. My black ink is almost always Higgins Eternal and my white ink is Dr Ph Martin's (which you need to dilute). If I'm using gold it's probably from a FineTec palette but I normally make a point of naming more unusual inks.

where can i get that pen you're using?

If you know the name a simple search on Google or Amazon will give you the answer for your location.

What computer programs do you use for digitising your lettering?

I currently use Photoshop and Illustrator. Hardware wise I use a PC, my IpadPro, or my Wacom Cintiq. If you are starting out you do not need something like a Cintiq or an Ipad Pro. These are just fancy trinkets at the end of the day. Your skills come from you and your practice, not the tools you're using. I actually find they make you lazier. Please, please believe me when I say that and think about it before you drop a huge wad of cash! I mostly have them to shorten my processes for commercial work. I have deadlines people!

What books did you use to learn photoshop/illustrator?

I didn't. I started working professionally as a graphic designer in 2007 and all my knowledge is from using these programs almost everyday! No one taught me, I just bodged along with guesswork and asking Google. Youtube is now full of tutorials for how to use these programs so just dive in!

Can i book a class with you?

I teach exclusively for Quill London so if you would like to learn with me, please get in contact with them and we'll get something organised!

I want to commission you, how much will it be?

For private commissions please refer either to the Private Commissions or Wedding/Events sections of my website. Once you've emailed me with all the relevant details I'll be able to give you a full quote.